ross d. brewer

work that made the air

2017-18 coverage coalition crowdsourcing advertisement, selected for production

spec work

  • Coming of age with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

    October 28, 2020 by

    John Hughes made this film in 1986, nine years before I was born. That’s correct, this is the unsought entry of a twenty five year old with no real credit to analyze Hughes at all as it was written while drinking Dr. Pepper and listening to “LoFi beats to Chill and Study to”. But besides… Read more

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films and other goofs

i make little sketches sometimes.
a short made in 2018, vice satire

a long, short film capturing modern romance narratives. wrote, directed.
a comedy short playing with teen drama tropes. wrote, shot, directed.

about the guy ya ya

after an eventful stint in hollywood as a training screenwriter, i have relocated to denver to handle some family matters. current goals include: writing copy and having a good time.

i am educated in screen, print, radio, and long copy. please reach out and we’ll get something goin’.